Acrylics made something like one month ago for school.
We had to produce one illustration (i made three :P), using an inspiration from an actual illustrator/graphist, about the thing we prefer in our town, Rodez. And mine was morning (very colorful during winter, sky is pink, blue, and light is golden :D), so I decided to make them follow the cycle of morning. The first one (inspired by Bedroom Wind, by James R.eads) shows the city still in the dark, but the sky is slowly blowing up into colours. The second one (taking Zoe Mendelson’s work as reference, but I can’t find the picture I used anymore) depicts a light curtain opening on Rodez; and the last one (personal :D) is the opening of the dance of a new dance above the town.

These were my very first real paintings using acrylics, and even though it was difficult, I’m glad how it turned out @u@

Tell me if you’d like to see more of my school work. I always think it would bore you and I just don’t show it, but maybe some of you could be interested ;u;/