Motivation raising! 

This was done as a before/after in comparison to the very first picture of Touhou I’ve ever drawn (February 2011). Click at your own risk…
Even if now I’m still very far to be perfect, at least I’m not as far as three years ago. I’m not one to be ever satisfied with their artstyle or skills, so it’s always interesting and uplifting to realize where you come from!

And yeah, in case you’re going through the same “my-art-is-worth-nothing" phase as I do : if even I can do it; y’all can.


There, new watercolour! This one is a fanart of my senpai, purple-scales, before and after watercolouring because I thought it would change a lot and it kinda did.
So, why cheese? Well, it is common knowledge that my senpai just loves cheese. And at first, I was going for a normal portrait, I had the hair and skull and everything just plain fine. And then I added the eye and the drawing changed. I swear to god, every time I draw a dragon, the eyes just make it look either ominously gloomy or plain dumb. And when I looked back at my drawing, this was not anymore a cheery smile I saw, but a creepy stare. And THEN I told myself : “This is it. This is the face he makes when he sees cheese.”

Hence the “cheese”.

HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THAT… Im so sorry kouhai
This is too accurate to not be reblogged properly. Really the last thing most of my victims see before they die.
Of course I’m only talking about cheese by “victims”. Ermh ermh.

Thank you very much! ;u;;/

I feel like quickly losing my motivation to do anything so I end up doodling random things. Hopefully it’ll get better soon. 

*Scumbag geek on* Touhou, touhou, touhou ... Touhou EVERYWHERE when i read your blog, but i'm litle bit curious, did you play at the video game serie ? Or try ? Doesn't matter in fact, and i don't mean "you have to play the game if you are a real fan". But i'm not a member of the "touhou community" on tumblr and DeviantArt and i'm curious about how you discovered Touhou because i don't see lot of fan who play the Video game.

Haaa //// There is just so much to say about this game and so much to learn…
Anyway yes, I do play at the proper games! I’m just… really bad at it, hahaha. I only got to Normal 1CC two games (Mountain of Faith and Ten Desires) and never managed to beat an extra boss yet. I’d like to be better at danmaku but I almost never train myself, so haha.
I used to play almost decentely at Hisoutensoku, the fighting game, but it’s been a while too. But I tested them all, even PC-98 games now! (yes, even Highly Responsive to Prayers, and that was a weird experience.)

Anyway I always prefered the folkloric/historical/musical part of Touhou. I’ve actually discovered the series through Vocaloid (if anyone listened to Teto’s Territory), which led me to Kero Destiny, the IOSYS PV. I did not know what I was watching back then and I did not try to understand, but I saw a suggestion video on the right column with a nice picture. Guess what it was? Minoriko Aki’s theme, Because Princess Inada is Scolding Me.
And that’s when I started to slowly fall into the depths of Touhou.

tl;dr : I do play the games but not much considering how bad I am; and basically discovered Touhou with the least known characters.

I’m sorry for all the touhou text spam guys! I hope I haven’t been bothering you too much with that, the dragon gets sometimes a bit too enthusiastic about his beloved Touhou characters.
More art and less talking will come back soon! 

one of the things that surprise me about byakuren is how she doesn't hate humans. when Symposium of Post-mysticism was released and every character had a "human friendship level", I thought hers was gonna be low but it was actually medium. it's like she can't hate someone. it's like she has such a big peace in her mind that she can't hold a grudge against anyone. or something like that! i love her so much too

Yes, you got the whole point here.
She doesn’t seem aggressive towards anyone, in fact. Her dialogue with ReimuB in UFO is pretty clear :
You … really don’t think the same way that I do, do you? That humans and youkai can live together as equals in the light of the Buddha …”
A shrine maiden ready to exorcize her is about to seal her once again, and yet she still hopes for their cohabitation. This sounds candid, but you won’t make me think that it’s not heartfelt.
She seems to fight only in a defensive way. Even if this is different during the events of Hopeless Masquerade where this is merely proselytizing…. But that’s a different thing.

Even though she’s apparently friendly to anyone, most of youkais -being aggressive- are repulsed by her when humans fear her power and her sense of equality between “monsters” and “human beings”. (Which is highly debatable as says Marisa “ But, youkai and humans are not equal! Humans are weaker, so they need more protection!”.)
I don’t think she loves anyone, but she welcomes anyone. And because of such neutrality, she can’t fit in any society.

Pretty ironical, huh? 

Buyakuren ? (because of the pevious one :3)

Character: hate them | don’t really care | like them| LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: No one. She’s a devoted monk. I don’t think she would even let herself have romantic feelings towards anyone.

brotp: The whole UFO family!

general opinions: Don’t you get me started over my Byakuren feelings
Byakuren is radiant, benevolent, devoted, caring. She’s a mother, a big sister, a convinced monk. But she’s also a lost little girl, scared of life, scared of death, traumatized by Myouren’s loss. It’s funny how the fandom’s feelings can reach true love or true hate with this character. Because yes, she tricked everyone to expand her own lifetime and has been an egoist mountebank, but she slowly realized that protecting both youkais and humans was possible. She saved monsters to make them better. And she eventually payed for it, leaving everything that mattered to her. I think she’s an externally very stable character, with an inexorable will and a mature behavior; but internally, she’s deeply terrified and just needs to feel reassured with unreachable utopias.
In the end, she’s an emotional skyscraper : she can be standing on the lowest layer of Hell and stroking the gates of Nirvana.
So yes. I love her a lot, and I could write novellas about her and her relationships towards the other characters of UFO.

Toyosatomimi no MIko? <:

Character: hate them | don’t really care | like them| LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Seiga Kaku

brotp: Mononobe no Futo

general opinions: Exactly the kind of character that I grew to like over time! She’s very selfish, arrogant, self-important.. But really badass, with a legendary backstory, a real prince that crossed ages and space. Not to mention True Administrator gave me the chills the first time I reached the 6th stage of Ten Desires; and that her spellcards are particularly beautiful.
So yeah. Even if I’m not fond of her, she’s an interesting character, created with an awesome design too, amazing reinterpretation of folklore.. And I really love how they can be polar opposites with Byakuren and yet share so many flaws.

I'd like to know more about your fan game project!

Oh, um, I don’t think it’s worth it! The plot was really simple..
Principally, the heroines had to deal with a sudden emergence of tsukumogamis. Lots of objects came to life, even those that did not reach 100 years of existence, as the heroines’ weapons.

Going through Gensokyo to find why a such event happened, the heroines cross a “newly” rebuilt torii gate in the Great Youkai Forest, that came to life as well. The barrier was used to dispense the vital essence of life throughout Gensokyo that was needed so anything could come to life or start (humans, animals, plants, but also day, night…). Beyond the portal, the heroines find themselves inside Takamagahara, the Celestal Plain, where they fight the final boss. She is the young reincarnation of Amaterasu herself (yes), whose goal was to make humans notice that objects and small things of life needed attention too, worrying that they had lost their sense of emphasis. (whooo, such originality)
There was also something in the extra stage with the imperial treasure of Japan that came to life as Tsukumogamis; and the reincarnation of Izanami being the goddess of death, looking for Kusanagi no Tsurugi.

So yeah. There was more but I think that’s pretty much what you need to know about it!
Understand now why I was so surprised when I knew about the plot of DDC? Haha.

Imperishable night combo : Erin + Kaguya !

Eirin :

Character: hate them | don’t really care | like them| LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Uhhh… Kaguya, I guess?

brotp: Reisen.

general opinions: She’s a pretty cool character with a nice story, but she never caught my attention that much. Sorry ;u;

Kaguya : 

Character: hate them (“hate” is a bit too strong tho) | don’t really care | like them| LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Well, Eirin.

brotp: .. Eirin? Tewi? Reisen? I don’t know.

general opinions: As much as I love the Kaguyahime tale, and that I find her theme fantastic altogether; I really can’t with this character. Not because I think the character lacks of depth or interest; but.. Nope.

Mikoto Yaobi~

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Mhhh… Not enough into MB to have a serious opinion about this.. I’d say Megumi? But aren’t they from the same family? I’m a bit lost 

brotp: Same… Maybe Megumi then?? I don’t know..

general opinions: her theme is EPIC. And very inspiring. It was the very first theme of Marine Benefit I heard, and also the first fangame theme I listened to. I remember this sole song gave me the will to create a project of fangame too..
I had created all the characters, songs and story but I’ve never done anything serious or publicly talked about it. As I always do with my projects. And fun fact, the plot was very similar to DDC, even though I started the project before the full version of TD came out. That was quite a surprise, haha
Anyway great character! I love how her backstory sounds like a fairytale.. Talking about Marine Benefit made me want to draw the cast.