Reasons of the dragon disappearing under the cut.

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Kogasa being a babysitter with human children is really important to me

Salut Axel, as-tu vu "Le conte de la Princesse Kaguya"? Si ce n'est pas le cas, je te le conseille vivement, c'est un très beau film avec une animation à l'aquarelle très douce! :) Bon été! Morémuse

Pas encore, mais ça ne saurait tarder :)

I agree totally! I'm kinda obsessed with her, I hear her two albums everyday at least two times and yeah, i would simply die if i saw her... Thanks for the answer and PLEASE DO MORE DOODLES ABOUT HER OMG SJSYSBSKSLEBSHDIQOAANSH

Not obsessed that much but I’d definitely sell an arm to go to one of her concerts.
Haha, alright, I will! :)

That old doodles about agnes obel are incredible! They are really fantastic I love your doodles!

Thank you very much! Agnès Obel’s works are so, so inspiring and mesmerizing. The kind of songs I could write essays about, and draw illustrations from every tune! Which makes me remember I really should finish my idea on Riverside
Anyway these doodles are getting old.. I probably should make more of them :P

Glad to find other people who enjoy her work too!



Ça… Dépend des jours. Quand je suis crevé je fais 1m68, quand je suis en pleine forme je me rapproche des 1m74-75 (mais ça fait longtemps que je ne me suis pas mesuré ahhsjk..). Et puis les cornes ça aide.
Et puis euh c’est pas si grand??? J’aimerais bien être un peu plus grand en fait haha

:O the paws are big! is he always plantigrade (feet like humans), or can he be digitigrade (feet like cats, dogs etc)?

Yes! I have a few kangaroo blood. Or something like that.
Mostly plantigrade, but can turn digitigrade when running! But it kind of hurts after a while.

Finally done !! A reference sheet for my dragonself.. Phew.
If you need extra detail feel free to ask! 

A bunch of doodles from twitter!
Featuring hierophantgreen.

Original idea by Maya Kern!! Original version much better and funnier, also go read Monster Pop!! This artist is awesome and you all should check out her work.

This was just too relevant to not draw a myself version of it.

Motivation raising! 

This was done as a before/after in comparison to the very first picture of Touhou I’ve ever drawn (February 2011). Click at your own risk…
Even if now I’m still very far to be perfect, at least I’m not as far as three years ago. I’m not one to be ever satisfied with their artstyle or skills, so it’s always interesting and uplifting to realize where you come from!

And yeah, in case you’re going through the same “my-art-is-worth-nothing" phase as I do : if even I can do it; y’all can.