» Aki Equinox : Tomorrow!

Friendly reminder that tomorrow is Aki Equinox!  Check it out if you didn’t know about it ~
Time of the year to welcome Minoriko and Shizuha Aki back!

I can’t start a proper day without drawing Hiccup and Toothless

Quick thing for koten02 ‘s birthday! Happy birthday \o/

Quickie thing done during Tuesday’s and today’s lunch breaks !


For 20 years we’ve shot for the moon, we’ve shared adventures, we’ve blazed new trails, we’ve loved, we’ve laughed, thanks for making our family part of yours

» Preparing the Equinox!

Hello fellow Touhou fans!

It will soon be officially autumn. Which means foliages reddening, shimmering colours, fruits and vegetables maturing, Halloween, and such… And, of course, the Aki sisters back to Gensokyo!

I usually draw something special at that moment of the year, but maybe some of you would be also interested in welcoming Minoriko Aki and Shizuha Aki back! 

I’ll post something related to the Autumn Godess next autumnal equinox Monday, 22nd September! Feel free to join me in by posting something dedicated to the Aki sisters! 

If you do so, please tag your posts as #aki equinox to keep track of the offerings! ouo)b

Let’s make the first day of autumn a great day o/

httyd sketch dump
whispers i love cloudjumper

One week of work in applied arts class! =u=)/
We had to experiment as much as we could do with typography and fonts, starting with surprising exercises (as writing laying on the ground holding the pen in your mouth wat). Felt like showing since I’ve been spending my evenings on these !

Hi dude, I just see you draw some avatar stuff so ... CAN YOU DRAW ME TOPH (badass when she was youg you know, not when she have a dress and stuff ... uugggg) ????? Thank you , I love you , I don't deserve it but ... but ... you know ... maybe if you can ...

I will maybe! It was upon one of these request times I do when I feel bored, but for now I’ve lots of things to do for school and such :v:

Which makes me think I really should start watching Avatar and Korra..

A few more doodles! Jinora from The Legend of Korra requested by noemietteprojet ; anthro Luxray asked by bvtiut (anthro pokemon? you know how to talk to me), obligatory Cirno, and Minamitsu & Ichirin for unhappyrefrain !

Sorry for the few other requests I got, I’ll probably won’t do them because of a large amount of work… And proportionnaly little amount of time ;v;/

Parsee Mizuhashi and Yamame Kurodani, requested by fluffghost with Eruka Frog asked by akyta !

I’ve been slower than planned ;A; I’ll do the other requests I got in the next days!but now dragon needs sleep